DIY: Basket-Weave Bedside Tabletop

DIY-Basket-weave-table-top Hiiiii everyone!! I'm in a super peachy mood because it's been an absolutely bonkers week and today I get to take a bit of a load off! And by take a load off, I plan on spreading all the glitter and craft materials on my kitchen table because I'm getting elbow deep into all things crafty and Christmas. (If you're not from around here - you'll get to know this about me - an obsession for the Christmas season that dates back to before the days when I got up in front of my grade four class and sang "Feliz Navidad" as my "Christmas present to them.")Which brings me to my next point:

Today I'm over on Betsy's Blog, Betsy Transatlantically trying to put a little of that DIY into the blogsphere. Do you know Betsy? if you're here there's a good chance you already know her but can I just say, she's inspiring? Like not just inspiring  because she's an amazing blogger- but because this woman's got a foundation of self-awareness of the likes I've never seen before. She's so lovely - I can't say enough good things. But I will say, thanks for having me!!

DIY Basket-Weave Bedside Tabletop


We're currently in the middle of re-doing our bedroom.

The genesis for the make-over stemmed from a really bad Craig's List deal gone wrong (I keep meaning to write that story down) and we find ourselves in the position of needing a new bed. Since the bed's gone, there's no better time to tackle the whole room - and of course I choose to start with the fine details, like the bedside table, as opposed to the fundamental stuff :)


- a table that has a nice surface - a piece of Sandpaper - paint tape - a Ruler - one small can of White Paint (or whatever colour you fancy!) - medium sized paint brush - newspapers for drop cloth

Step One:

You'll need a rickety-old-nobody-loves-me-1986-sort of table. I took Mike on a forage last weekend to the local charity shop and just when he had asked me for the fifth time to leave (he's not a super keen thrifter) I heard a little voice inside my head say..."No Emily, just unearth another pile of scracted LP's - you might find "the one" .... and then LO AND BEHOLD; my beautiful perfect, soon-to-be-bedside table-  for $5!! The lesson my friends when you're thrifting? nevergiveup. (And keep and open mind!) DIY Basket Weave Table

Step Two

Wash and sand the the entire surface of the table. A lot of that lovely 1980's vintage has a thick shellack and you'll want to rough it up so the paint sticks. I highly recommend the paint that's a 2-in-1 primer. If it's not, you'll want to prime the surface, otherwise the paint will chip off after you've put in all that hard work.

Step Three

This is the most finicky step. Start by measuring out your rows, width-wise. As you measure, mark the top and bottom of the table so you'll lay a straight line with the paint tape. For this layer, keep the distance between the rows even across the entire width of the table top.

DIY Basket Weave Tabletop

Step Four

Paint the entire table with the first coat of paint. When it's dry do a second coat over the entire table.

Step Five

Carefully peel the paint tape from your first set of lines. Now, you'll lay your first set of lines, length-wise. Start on the outside with a single length of tape. Leave an inch, then lay two strips side-by-side. Leave another inch and repeat. Finish with a single strip on the outside in the same way you started. Adjust this patter accordingly for the size of your table-top. Paint the table top and allow to dry. When dry, do a second coat. The multiple coats will help make the strips thick and the basket weave will be more pronounced.

Step Six

When it's dry, peel the paint tape. Repeat the laying of paint tape technique across the width of the table, one paint tape width, one inch apart. Paint. Let dry.


Step Seven

When you remove this last layer of paint strips, there will still be squares of the original table-top showing. Lay the tape, length wise, over the thick strips that were already painted. Do the last layer of paint which will fill in these holes (don't just paint the holes though, paint the whole length of the table in another smooth line.) You might need two coats here to make the paint thick enough to cover the original colour.

Et voila! (It's a labour of love.) It's subtle but adds a little Sparrow-in-the-treetop if ya' know what I'm sayin'

DIY-basket-weave-table-top  DIY-basket-weave-table-topDSC_1098