Grateful for a Bed

Recently, scientists discovered that one of the greastest contributing factors to happiness is gratitude. To be fair, I think Oprah boasted about this one in the mid-1990's (remember her gratitude journal series?) so I'm not sure how "recent" a discovery it actually is. Anyway, that's splitting hairs. The point is: Be grateful. Tell people how you're grateful. Be happier.cliff-tries-out-our-new-bed.jpg So I made it one of my NY's resolutions to incorporate elements of gratitude into my writing. It must have been a coincidence or something because right after I made that resolution, in an unrelated conversation a friend told me that she really started understanding the extent and power of gratitude, when she considered what it would be like to wake up with only the things she managed to say thank-you for on the previous day. When you think like that, it's easy to remember to lie awake at night and count your blessings before you fall asleep. Like most days it's easy to forget to be thankful for your health, the closest people to you in your life, your roof; things that once we lost we'd instantly remember how grateful we were for.

I've mentioned before how we'd been sleeping in our guest bedroom for about six months (we were waiting for the boxing day sales to replace our old one). It was a fine bed - a little cramped but it wasn't entirely uncomfortable. But it was likely to break. We got the frame at a yard-sale and the mattress sometimes slipped off of the support beams because it was a little too narrow for the width of it.

Last weekend we finally got a bed! A new glorious mattress and a beautiful bed frame. I have been sleeping SO well this week. It's also nice to go to sleep in your own bedroom (even if the other bedroom is technically your own... it's just different when your clothes and stuff are scattered throughout the house. Now everything's neatly in one place.

And, I've been thinking every night before I go to sleep, I am grateful for our bed :) Have a great weekend everyone! If you have a minute, let me know what's got you feeling grateful lately!