Take a Deep Breath and then Tell Me Why You Love Winter

winter-dayWinter-daywinter-daywinter-dayIt started last night with a trip to the gym.

I rushed home from work (if you can actually call commuting on a bus "rushing") and then within 15 minutes of walking in my doorway, I turned around and drove back downtown so I could get to the gym for a 7 pm kickboxing class. It was freezing out. So freezing that the breaks were sticking when I went to fill up with gas. My hands froze; I hadn't forgotten my mittens, they were sitting in the backseat of the car. I was being stubborn because I'm tired of wearing mittens.

It's a half-an hour drive to the gym. When I got I realized I had forgotten it was a holiday yesterday (because if I have to work on a "holiday" I forget there are other people who actually have the day off) and the gym was closed. Dark. Parking lot empty. I went into the near-by Chinese grocery store that, like me, hadn't taken the day of and bought five dollars worth of random groceries so the trip didn't seem like a total bust.

Today I had a free day to get work done. Thinking I would be more productive in a coffee shop, away from things that beckon me and stifle my productivity (like swiffing the floors and organizing my ribbon drawer) I headed out to Starbucks. It's not a far drive, but since we had another snowfall over night, it was dicy getting there.

Once inside and a sufficient table had been staked out, I got a lovely cappuccino. I almost took a picture of it and posted it to Instagram before I was like "No. Instagram does not need another picture of a cappuccino." So it was a good 15 minutes before I realized my laptop wasn't connecting to the internet.

The coffee shop boy with the headset even gave it a good college try before his buddy on the espresso machine told him the wifi had been down since the previous night. I finished my coffee and tried to make-believe write in long-hand before I realized it was fruitless and I'm nothing without the internet. (side note: make concerted effort to just 'sit' next time the world cuts your wifi connection.)

So, I packed myself up, and went back out into the snow.

Since I had this sneaking suspicion that I had somehow made a wrong turn onto a rutted road full of roadblocks, I thought to myself, let's do something that's totally unexpected of me on this snowy day in the suburbs.

So I drove the car across the parking lot, parked, and went into a grocery store in search of fresh flowers.

Of course it there was a slim picking and I opted to leave empty handed since the alternative was a slightly brown-tinged bunch of pink tulips.

So, I went to the nearest Walmart. Bare in mind the roads were still covered in snow and it's miserably cold and damp out. At this point I'm determined to find some sort of life that I can put in a vase on the table in my front hallway.

And wouldn't you know it? Walmart was actually out of fresh-cut flowers.

But I'm pretty relentless. I'm telling you, there were about three different times when I realized objectively almost as if it was an out of body experience, how derailed my entire day had become. But I persevered because when I start something I finish it… unless of course we're talking about a work-out or actually getting work done.

Here's what I arrived home with:

- A small crocus plant - A pot of tulips - A jiffy seed starter green-house - A package of rosemary seeds - Two packages of mixed wild-flower seeds - Two packages of lavender seeds - A bunch of green stemmed bouquet - A bunch of pink carnations

I am so ready for Spring. winter-day