making-wine We bottled our wine on the weekend! Was it seriously over a month ago that we went in to make the wine for the wedding? It was the end of April. Man that blows my mind a little bit. I might have to have a drink to calm my anxiety...

Anyway, we're now in the company of 87 bottles of a Sauvignon Blanc and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

.....I'm stating that here for the record to ensure that all 87 make it to August 16. So someone please hold me accountable.

It was a pretty neat process - and actually way easier then I assumed it would be. It took us about a total of an hour, but we were taking our time and enjoying ourselves. If you wanted to you could probably have the job done in half-an-hour.

Again I have to say how amazing Wine Station is. Seriously there are make your own wine places all over this city but I am so happy we took a recommendation from a friend and checked it out; they are SO friendly and the customer service is just the right amount of in-your-face and calm at the same time.

You have to start the process by sterilizing the bottles. And the next steps are harder to explain because I have no idea what sort of technical terms you use to refer to either of the following contraptions:


I call the white thing (above middle ^^) the wine syphon thingy, and the tall steel thing (far left) the corking chamber. That was my job.

Here's a bit more of an idea of what it all looks like laid out:


making-wine making-wineDSC_0145making-wine

And that's a wrap folks. 

Mike and I both agreed that this is something we'd do again (in a smaller family sized batch of course).