Fortune Cookie

I think that every meal should be followed by a fortune cookie.

The little bundles of mystery and anticipation are so appealing to me. I feel like they really help to put me back on track when I get off the path.

“You are open-minded and quick to make new friends.”

Oh good. I was worried that my recent pot luck debacle had led to a few burnt bridges. I commented about a friend of a friend’s heinous vegan “dal” who happened to be standing right behind me. It went something like: "I would never, ever eat something which looked like crap."

The other day I cracked my cookie open following a nice plate of General Tao Chicken at Yang Sheng and for the third time in my life I got the following fortune:

“Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you.”

The first time I got this fortune I was 16 and it led me to believe that the boy I was sitting next to was truly going to be the love of my life. I had never really considered him as appealing before, so this is a testament to my “belief” in the random power of the cookie. The second and third time I wasn't sitting next to anyone.

Despite this I'm still into to the all-knowing power of the fortune and I tend to take it to heart:

“A long time admirer thinks highly of you”

(I asked my boss out on a date) “You must experience failure to appreciate success”

(I quit my job and started looking for a new one… providential timing really considering things had gotten a bit weird at work following that date business)

“Take a trip with friends”

(spent my life savings on a trip to see where they filmed Laguna Beach….. followed by Jersey Shore (what? West and East coast totally justified))

And my particular favourite:

"Many people will be drawn to you for your wisdom and insights." (I gave out irritating and unwarranted advice for a week.)

Ok - so maybe these examples aren't exactly true (with the exception for the 3 'peat "stop looking forever" fortune that was completely true) but I won't lie - the moment before I open my fortune is like the fleeting moment before you hand in a lotto ticket... you are certain that this is the big winner.... and it also really drives me crazy when people don't even bother to open it (I'm full, or who cares) I mean come on people. Why tempt FATE?!

So yea I get they aren't exactly directions, but I do relish that moment of truth: give me insight - let me know what it's all about. Show me what I'm missing, I'll find meaning in it.... I promise I will make it work somehow.

So it was Pho day in the cafeteria at work last week. I cracked open my fortune cookie. It was empty.