I DayDreamed

Today I daydreamed (… I daydreamt?) the following things: 1. Mean by Taylor Swift is god damn catchy.

I didn’t watch the Grammy’s but I did manage to see the clip of Swifty singing Mean. What is it about songs about adversity? They just hit home and seem to speak to people. The majority of comments under the you tube videos fall somewhere along the lines of “This song makes me feel like I can do anything” and “When I was in 6th grade I heard this song and was being bullied, when I listen to it, I feel like I can stand up for myself.

Also frequently commented:Who else thinks this song about Kayne West?"

2. Family is Like Vitamin D – They can reinvigorate you.

My family came to visit this weekend… all 7 of them.

They came in a convoy and they conquered. We spectated, took in the Winterlude, drank wine and watched a whole lot of Hoarders.

Don’t get me wrong it’s completely exhausting to have your family come and stay with you. But really, my family is like sunlight, the whole hoard of them leaves, and somehow I’m more rejuvenated then I was before they came. I think they just give a whole lot of love that you don’t get when they aren’t around on a day to day basis. And love my friends, (much like Vitamin D and Taylor Swift songs) fills you up. Now put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

3. A sunny day can bring out the competitive runner in me

Today I took the opportunity to run during my lunch break. I’ve been particularly sedentary lately because I like to spend a lot of time taking antibiotics and sticking a tea kettle pot up my nose in an effort to flush out my sinuses. (This just got close, and this just got personal).

At any rate, today was the first day I felt remotely like lacing up in a week and a half. The fact that it was gorgeous outside helped spur me into action. So out I went and lo and behold there were many other people who had had the same idea as me. Taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine, the paths were full of runners.

But I’m a grinch and a ranter and this made me think to myself: “I’ve been out here all winter, in sleet in snow, in sub -25 degree temperatures. Where do you get the nerve to run today, just because it’s nice out?” But aha! If you knew me but at all, you would know that this is basically the first winter I’ve been running outside. There is documented PROOF that I really have just jumped on the 4-season- trail- blazing bandwagon.

And then I remembered a conversation I had last spring with a friend at work. She had basically echoed the exact same thought to me (how she had been running all winter and now that it was nice, the trails were clogged with people), and it made me so angry! She was attacking me! “What does she know? You don’t have to run all year long to be a runner. Just because I choose not to run outside when it’s frigid doesn’t mean I’m not tough, competitive, dedicated.” Yak yak yak.

Moral of the story? I’m apt to be a tad bit hypocritical. and also competitive. Also, contrary to most friendly people, if it’s a nice day, you best get out of my way.

4. There is a point to Twitter

Like all things social media related I finally understand the purpose and benefit of Twitter, if only after millions of other people do. I was late on the facebook uptake. I never even bothered with Myspace. Until last year I thought blogging was all a load of BS.

By my-oh-my, how the converted will preach (clearly). Today I was scrolling through a list of twitter contacts, who were up and at ‘em trying to put their best face forward while they approached the day. Out there, (in the before unknown-to-me-world), people were meeting goals, theorizing about life, contributing to a greater community. It didn’t feel like white noise or like pointless chatter. Social media can be a time suck, it can also to be sure, a reinforcement of some of the worst qualities of humans (envy, greed, shallowness, betrayal) but in the end it’s like the matter of all things; surround yourself with positivity and you will reap the benefits. So today I was daydreaming about how people I don’t even know, motivate me to love the day and to love it fiercely.

(Ok so clearly I daydreamed about way more then these 4 items... they just happened to be pg points which were also marginally relevant enough for a wider distribution list.)

What did you day dream about today?