I Dream of Burger

It's the Monday night I dream of Jeanie Show... except in my case replace Jeanie with Burger and then you have a more accurate picture of my thought process at the moment. Why do I have burgers on the brain? Well... a) because I'm hungry and b) because I'm using it as bait for healthy eating habbits. I'm told we're not supposed to do that with children these days... that punishment and bribery forms of parenting result in "poor relationships" and a "lack of trust" with your toddler... but it seems to work just fine when applied in my case..... curious...

The challenge?: Vegetarian until Friday.

The reward: This burger.


The Holy Grail of Burgers - The Chez Lucien Burger

It shouldn't be that hard considering up until last year I couldn't really afford to have meat in my diet anyway.

On top of that I'm not all that gun-ho meat.. unless we're talking about this burger in which case you can understand the fixation given the need for this post.

In fact, this isn't the first time in my life I've tried to veg myself out. A few years ago I read Skinny Bitch and the Bitch scared me so much (which I assume was her intention to begin with) I didn't eat meat for four months. The whole socially conscious living experiment ended when I came home for summer vacation and my family had a BBQ. I told my mom I wouldn't be having a burger and that "I was a vegetarian"....

"Don't be ridiculous" she said, "You are having a burger."

And therein ended that foray. No debate necessary since the topic was so ridiculous (evidently).

In the end, I think I would make an excellent vegetarian. If not for my love of burgers and places like Chez Lucien.

If you are in Ottawa, take the time to find the poorly marked gastro pub in the wall. You won't be disappointed. I mean.. if I can look forward to Friday because it's burger day, then you can rest assured, it's worth a visit.

Happy Monday