I live in a beautiful city

I've always been a lover of the "off and beaten track" - the smaller towns or the quaintness of a medium sized city; the people are more willing to get to know you, the streets aren't busy after nine pm, and if you tried hard enough you could find the two degrees of separation between yourself and the mayor.

don't get me wrong, i love the big cities. i love the idea of living in NYC as much as the next girl... i think it's romantic, has charm and you can't take a bad picture of a city street. My love for NYC dates back to the early episodes of Friends that are etched in my brain: it's a place where you can always drink coffee, hang out and live by Central Park.

but i say to you, a city can be what you make it. that's how NYC got it's reputation: a vibrant community. That community continues to drain other cities of their trendy population today.

ottawa always get's a bad rap as a "government town": sleepy, boring, no night life... blah blah blah. it drives me absolutely bonkers. ottawa is such an amazing place, and cities are what you make of them. if you think a city is boring, it's probably because you aren't trying hard enough to get involved, find a community and make a connection.

and i'm not saying you have to be in every club that exists. i'm just saying, are you the kind of person that has to go to THE most exclusive party to have fun? Or are you the life of your own party?

Scenes from around Ottawa the past few weeks:


IMG_0309 IMG_0290