not just any visitor

DSC_0282 my mom came for a little visit this week and while she was here she treated me to some three year-old aged cheddar. I don't think I've ever been so happy to receive a gift of cheese. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="6005,5995,5996,5993,5994"]

we spent may day ambling about town, walking through the streets of the byward market. even though i'm not working right now, it felt like a mini vacation from life (read: I needed that).

it was just such a nice visit. it's nice to have your mom around.

IMG_1091 she got a new phone - ^^^ basically went from original flip phone to most sophisticated on the market. it's a bit of a technology disaster.

i love eating, and i think i got this from my mom. we both love salty delicious food... and wine. (always paired with wine.) i consider myself lucky to have grown up in a house where there was no scale and no talk of dieting or restriction from food. it's probably why i have a healthy relationship with food today: if hungry eat, if not hungry don't eat. if you want a treat have it, and there's no need for 15 because i'm not deprived. i just know so many girls my age who still haven't sorted this out and i'm grateful to not constantly be fixated on this aspect of myself.


plus. what else is there if not a good meal shared with family? ^^^

in fact i'm doubly grateful for my love of food because it's the way mike and i spend time together. like some couples bike? we eat. he makes it usually and then i consume. like those delicious tapas above. mike's creation... not mine.