One year in Suburbia

IMG_1228 we've officially been suburbanites for a year now - the beginning of may marks one year in this place we call home.

up until last year both of us had been living in the downtown part of Ottawa. there have been some big adjustments to get used to, like the distance for me to school on city transit (it takes about an hour and a half if it's rush hour) or the fact that we can't just walk to dinner or a movie, so inevitably there's been a lot more driving. i can't say there aren't days i don't crave these elements of living downtown.

but, in reality, i'd say suburbia gets a bad rap. last summer i was able to have a crazy garden, and we would have never been able to get a dog if we didn't have the outdoor space.

plus there's the part of life where at the end of the day, we can just look around us and say - "this is our house" something we would never be able to do if we were still inside the downtown core.

so what's with the stigma of the suburbs? one year in and i still haven't really figured it out - all i can say is, we've been happy, and we're two of the biggest drifters/dreamers that i know. suburban life hasn't changed my thirst for adventure :)