Poutine with Just a Touch of Cityscape for Good Measure

bytowne-cinema.jpg bytown-cinema.jpgbyward2 cupcakes.jpg poutinefest.jpg poutine-fest poutine-fest This weekend was one of those weekends when you eat all the things you shouldn't, but you're in all the places you should be. We hung out with friends we haven't seen in forever, ate cupcakes, sampled poutine... ordered pizza. Oh man I feel guilty just typing it out. Whether you would like to admit it or not, when you're in a relationship, you have the power to influence so much about what sort of habits the other person develops; case in point, couples that eat together, can eat poorly together. Anyway, when PoutineFest comes to town, you join thousands of other people and wait in ridiculously long line-ups so that you can feel Canadian and take about 45 minutes off your life.