Race Day Rituals

It's Ottawa Race Weekend!!  This is the third year I've participated in Ottawa Race Weekend, and now I associate it with the start of summer. (Could have fooled me though because lately with this heat, it feels like we're dead in the middle of summer.) We did a minor road trip last night and so I ended up "carbo" loading in the car. For the record, it's a bit tough to eat a plate of spaghetti on your lap in a Honda..... I managed it though, complete with sprinkled Parmesan cheese and garlic toast. I'm a bit groggy from the late night, but I'm counting on the adrenaline to kick in once we hit the starting area.

Races are neat because no matter what you are aiming for, you get to be part of this big collective movement (and one that doesn't exist to "occupy" something at that)... where everyone is part of the same goal: finish.

If that sounds cheesy just remember the "race" is our new modern day way of clinging on to the innate human social need to prove our capabilities. If you ask me, it's weird in concept that we insist on organizing events like this, where thousands of people run around in circles, just to prove ourselves. It was a lot more straightforward when social worth was linked to hunter-gathering. Lucky for me things have changed because I would have made an awful cave woman.

Tonight's the 10km run.. my race of choice this year. Last year I just watched and berated Mike while he sweated it out with thousands of other racers through Ottawa's little Italy.

This year, we start together...and quickly separate... we're too competitive to run side by side. (... correction, technically I'm too competitive, he's too slow.. (at least over long distances xoxo) to run side by side.)

Race day rituals? Pace around the house 1 hour before we have to leave and then worry we won't get to the starting area in time. Yes I do that.

I'm also drinking like a camel in hopes that I'll stand up to this wicked heat a bit better.

I'm using the sign I made for runners in the 10km last year as my self-self motivation this year:

Good luck to everyone running a race this weekend. If all else fails, and you are hurting like the day music died, just remember:

- Left, foot, right foot, repeat;

- You chose to do this. You showed up so you have no one to blame but yourself;

- Lower your arms, lengthen your stride;

- All races end at some point. Make it end on your terms!

Happy running!!!