Summer in the Byward Market

DSC_1131 Last weekend, when Mike and I were in the midst of doing a million things household related, we both started making excuses to get out of the house.

Call it procrastination, call it an epiphany that there's only so many summer days left in the season. Either way we are lucky we took the opportunity when we had it - the week has kicked off with a rainy and grey start. Looking at these pictures already makes me feel like summer is slipping away. I feel like a broken record but would someone please make a deal with the devil so that it can be sunny and temperate for just a few weeks longer?  I'm seriously not ready to be wearing dress pants to work - or covering my feet with socks.

We ended up in the Byward Market. Like I've said before (when gushing about the Rideau Canal) I love Ottawa because there is something to do in all seasons. Winter in Canada can really suck if you're not in the right place - but Ottawa is the mecca of the winter capitals (though admittedly I've never been to Minsk)... and it's not too shabby in the summer either (you really don't want to miss Canada Day in Ottawa.)

It's funny when you live in a city and you take for granted the local landmarks. Most days, I walk through the market to get to work, but on Saturday when I was taking pictures I felt a bit like a tourist... which helps when you feel awkward for getting in people's way.

The best purchase of the day was definitely the giant bunch of basil - it's seriously half as tall as I am. I had no idea basil could get that big. It settled a long standing ? between Mike and I: How do restaurants make pesto, when the grocery store charges a small fortune for a handful of the stuff? (You need like three "packed cups" of basil for one batch). I seriously thought basil was a refined oil type of commodity but Saturday's adventure proves to us otherwise; we paid $2 for that baby.


george-street-byward-market auld-dubliner-byward-market

when my parents come to town, they always want to sit on the second floor ^^


That's the Peace Tower at Parliament in the background ^^

aubrys-butcher aubrys-meats

We got some of this and Mike made his now (nearly) famous pulled pork ^^ so delicious.


also a small pet peeve of mine... sushi is ridiculously over-priced in Ottawa. ^^


busker-in-the-byward-market booths-byward-market souvenirs-byward-market lapointe-fish-market market-stalls-byward market-stalls-byward market-stalls-byward city-bikes market-stalls-byward giant-bunch-of-basil-byward-market bunch-of-basil bunch-of-basil


We worked up a good appetite moseying around (to be fair I spent the morning vacuuming dog hair off of every square inch of our place) so we decided to stop at Slice and Co. for lunch. Really good pizza, but as Mike will attest, sub par Meatball Sandwiches (who orders a meatball sandwich at a pizza place?) Luckily their "individual size" is more then enough for two people to share.

The patio was so so lovely. It is so nice to eat outside in the summer time. Mi amore!

frank-street-ottawa Kronenberg-beer Ameritricana-Pizza-Slice-and-Co Summer-patio pizza-and-meatball-sandwich

Three cheers for summer days!