US Election Day in Canada

On US Election day (in Canada) I ate an Obama cookie.

When Obama came to Ottawa in 2009, he broke from the itinerary and after talks with Harper on Parliament Hill he unexpectedly cut down to the Byward market for a quick little tour of the city.

The effect for the bakery whom he happened to "pop in on" was legendary. (On that note, does Obama just "pop in" on anyone? In fact the entire contingent of RCMP in Canada was probably trying to quickly scramble to secure the grid of roads leading into the market.)

I'm not sure if Obama knows this but since that visit, a news reel of the footage of him walking into Moulin de Province, a Parisian/Canadian bakery located in the Byward Market, runs on a constant loop. I'm pretty sure it's the first thing the bread bakers turn on when they get in in the morning, and the last thing the cash staff turn off when they leave at night. Obama doesn't know it but he's on a perpetual Ground Hog Day loop in Ottawa Ontario, Canada.

There are also various posters and pictures of each and every staff member he chatted with that day hanging around the back entrance to the store.

On that day in February, 2009, Obama purchases two cookies from the bakery - they were just your ordinary run of the mill sugar cookie, but they were painted in bright red icing and shaped like a maple leaf. In white icing scrolled across the middle "Canada."

The President told the crowd of journalists and on-lookers that the cookies were a gift for his daughters.

The cookie, which was previously an emblem of Canada, has now been dubbed by the bakery as "Obama Cookies."

So, on election day 2012,  I find myself staking out the joint out in hopes that I could find some "real live" Americans to talk to. It was a solid effort to write an article  localizing the American election. When not one American showed up, it would have even be acceptable to talk to a Canadian, or a German for that matter - the idea was to get a person with Obama cookie in hand, to comment about the US election.

Alas, you can't create the news. In the hour that we were there, not one person bought an Obama cookie.

Except for me.

And now, following last night's election results, I'm sure it's safe to say that the Obama signage and fan-fare surrounding the cookies will be sticking around for at LEAST another 4 years.... in fact I'm pretty sure even if he didn't win last night, the cookies would remain. Because you know what? We're REALLY big Obama fans here in Canada. So much so, a French baker in Canada, will name a Maple Leaf after him.

If you are interested,

Here's an example of the footage: