Westboro [west] [bur-oh, buhr-oh] n:

  1. A trendy borough located in the city of Ottawa.
  2. It is important to note that it is not the only trendy borough that breeds hipster children. (The Glebe would be the other).
  3. It’s home to a few alternative schools and some of Ottawa’s most AMAZING restaurants.

Westfest is Westboro’s free festival of music, art and life.

On Sunday afternoon we went to see Big Soul Project, an amazing local, all members gospel choir. They did not disappoint.

I’m not sure how they managed to belt out their tunes in black choir gowns in 30 degree + temperatures (I was sweltering in my polka dots.)

At one point we were approached by two children who were meandering their way through the crowd. The girl couldn’t have been older then 10, and the boy 9. They very politely and eloquently asked us if we would like to sign a petition to re-institute home-visits for doctors. “Come again, small well-spoken activist child? You would like me to sign what?”

So after learning about some of the short-comings of our medical system (of which while it is free, there are still many), we enjoyed some good street food (tacos, fish and chips, churros... street fair smorgasbord), and tried to skirt increasing our risk of getting melanoma (what with the lack of doctor home visits and all).

The heat was a bit unbearable. Hats were a must. After sweating off exactly one churro, we promptly returned to our non-borough suburban-neighborhood for a post lunch siesta nap. Delightful.