We've Been Fighting For You

winter-in-march (^^March 24, 2014 ^^)

Winter is the fight between good and evil. Sometimes in the dead of January you embrace it, you sink into that black hole of day-light hours and you just say to yourself,

"Ok fine. I never needed sunlight anyway."

Because it's so enticing to just burrow into a warm blanket on the couch.

And it's encouraging to me that by February, I'm ready to fight again. I'm ready to put words to action, make plans, pull out bright wardrobe colours. But the winter doesn't always go down easily - especially this year; We've had what feels like such a long winter.

It helps me get through winter when I keep running outside. This year you couldn't run outside. You were always cold and the thought of running outside and getting scratchy, burning winter running skin wasn't enough to coax you out into the -30 wind chill. You could try to layer-dress in spandex and other various pieces of clothing and the result was you looked like a slowly moving pile of blankets as you attempted to dodge snowbanks in the middle of the side walk.

And this year even my indoor plants were slow to grow. And the poor old Honda we drive is creaking at this point - it doesn't understand why this past weekend she still needed to be "warmed up" before we  put her into gear, and we can't explain it to her because well, we didn't even really understand it ourselves. (Also, inanimate object/besides the point.)

The other day I actually thought maybe the world had stopped turning and that's why it was so cold and snowy here still (we got another 10 cm on Sunday morning and about 5 on the Friday before that). Of course, one of the first things I learned from my mom is that the world just doesn't stop turning.

But what I'm saying is, as soon as that daylight savings time hit, and the world got a bit brighter, things felt so wonderful. Because there was light again.

Even if March was bitterly cold. Even if I tried to wear a spring jacket twice solely on the principle of it, and suffered dearly.  Because the light always wins. And even a candle in a room can remind you of that.

And yesterday, I was on the top deck of my double decker bus, minding my own business heading home, and I saw something that just made me so happy.

A runner on the street below turned his chin up, closed his eyes, and just smiled into the sunlight.

Because who in the world doesn't love the sunlight when you give them a chance?

Welcome, April. We've be fighting for you.