When September Says Jump....

side-angle lounging-around

I would basically do anything for September, it really is the month that owns most of my heart.

I love the way the sun starts to be "warm" - not hot, just warm. And I love it when I start to put on fleece at night.

This month has been so hodge-podge. I've literally had my feet in two different places for most of my waking hours. Between school, work, commuting, home, trying to be social and see people - it's just made for such a collection of varying memories. I was looking back over photos I took this month and that's what struck me the most - how much ground I had covered.

Mike's been on a soup kick (FINE BY ME) and the other day at work I sent an email to the wrong person and then when she wrote back telling me to contact someone else I said "Apologies - I had the wrong name down in my contact list" and she replied:


I have to admit, that one is still kind of throwing me for a loop. Like... was she being sarcastic? Did she really not want me to apologize? Or was she really actually angry? Did she know she was email yelling? Did she think I had poor eyesight. I'm still not sure - but it's made me question my use of CAPS.

Also my sunflowers, (all three of them), were gigantic again this year - which I consider a small victory since they were the three plants that survived the wrath of Cliff in the spring. Everything else was, not dug up per say, just... bent over by four paws before it got much of a chance to flourish. So I'm soaking up my sunflowers. They're so flippin cheery. Honestly I come downstairs in the morning bleary eyed from the 15 hour day beforehand and they're they are, staring me in the face going

"Hey.How's it going? YouhaveaGoodSleep? OK good I wanna talk. Let's talk about how awesome life is. It's amazing. Don't you love life? I love air. It's the best."

And that's what they say to me and because they're so upbeat I can't stay mad for long.

At any rate, I wanted to say - thank's so much to everyone who's commented on the blog over the past few months. I've really grown to love and appreciate and look forward to chatting. Early in the week the spare moments are numbered and I find myself unable to keep up with my blog reader, and then usually on Thursday or Friday I'll plow through a sling of wonderful things I've missed out on. I wanted to say to the people out there in the blogsphere who I've recently on-line "met" - you guys are awesome, and I love that the internet has brought us together.

We're off to my hometown for the FESTIVAL OF APPLES this weekend and I can't wait to tell you about 26 different kinds of apples; Reporting direct from the Apple belt of Ontario, Emily Apple, in all her Macintosh glory. (FYI and also this is a real thing. Two days of celebrating the fruit)

And because I said random, a taste of Monday to friday X4 in the Mike/Cliff/Emily (and lo mein too) household:

sitting-place west-park-bowling-ottawa

Found a classically, out of the 1980's, place to bowl a few weekends ago. Literally was a time warp walking through these front doors ^^ so much fun and guess what? I striked on my first hand!!

hangover-tea tall-sunflowers

See? The tallest. I'll have to do a height comparison picture.

bee-on-sunflower interviewing-for-school

School work.


Mikey does butternut squash.

so-many-sunflowers rideau-canal

That's Carleton University in the background ^^ such a beautiful spot along the Rideau Canal. Can't wait to skate it this winter!


Has to be the best Thai restaurant in Ottawa. We went here the evening after the bus crash and chatted about life over thai curry served in a hollowed out pineapple. ^^


I've been doing a lot of walking around the city - particularly when I miss the bus and I figure that it's not worth it to wait, when I could be walking in the sunshine. This is the Aga Kahn foundation in Canada and the architecture is just gorgeous.


Eating lunch next to an empty wading pool.... guess summer really is over!! :(


This was the first day this month when I started to welcome the shift in temperature. Until then I resisted. On this day I remember walking along Sussex Drive thinking "Oh yea. I love Fall. What was I grumbling about?" (That's the US Embassy in Canada pictured far right back).


"Cocktails that will change your life" ^^^ slightly false advertising but we DID get this afterwards:


I definitely have a fetish for these. Favourite candy, feet down. (Sorry but I'm not sorry about that one)

mike-and-me.September. We did it.