Year One At HollyWood Parade

Today is February first which means that:a) super-bowl must be creeping up on me again; b) tomorrow is groundhog day and we’ll allow a fictitious yet somehow real mascot to tell the future and; c) I have officially been living in one place for one full year. One full year is a definite accomplishment considering that since my arrival in Ottawa in 2009 I have lived in 5 different places. This brings the 10 year address total to a whopping 11. Seriously. Doing a security background check is ridiculous. So here I am February 1 and G.dammit I’m going to toast to one year at one postal code. It was worth the hopping around: the postage stamp bedroom, the dope-y ex. boyfriend, the backyard full of hobos, the roommate from hell,.... you know, the usual -run-of-the-mill-yet-tumultuous-life-path-post-university-degree. I must have worked hard for it though because, when I’m home now, it’s such a wonderful feeling that I find it’s hard to leave. Finally, I have a place that I can call home...... .....I can also call it Hollywood Parade because that my friends, is what is written in Terra-cotta engraving on the top of the building. It is also (as you can see) written in the plaque affixed the to the side of the brickwork. It’s a pretty amazing place to have the experience to live... and someday I’ll tell you more about it, but for now, I have to go and have that toast I was talking about earlier.