Yellow Rocking Chair

Before: Last week we pulled up to the curb in front of Mike's sister's condo and I found a once in a LIFETIME find: One rocking chair in perfect condition, albeit painted an ugly, heinous shade of foam green (complete with folk art fairy leaves stenciled on the back). Honestly.. this situation is the epitome of one person's junk, another person's treasure. I can't imagine throwing away a rocking chair...(head shake)... In the end however, I'm glad they did.

If you come across a curb rocking chair, you don't hesitate. You try to jam it in the back seat of your Honda. When you realize it won't fit, you ask to store it at Erin's (Mike's sister) place until a later date when you can find the means to transport it home to your garage.

While we were carrying the chair into the building, a bum passes buy on a bike and says joyfully to us: "Great find! I had to pass that one over" (For obvious reasons I guess, due to the fact that he was on a bike?)

In between

So for the week between storage and the point when the chair found it's way to our place, I began dreaming of the colour I wanted to paint it.

I just re-did the guest bedroom in Benjamin Moore's Coventry Grey, so I decided on a Canary yellow; the best way to contrast the grey. In fact it looks like Canary Yellow, it is technically Benjamin Moore's Banana Yellow. I will continue to call it Canary.


Here's the story of the yellow rocking chair, after we saved it from eternity in a dump. (By the way I'm going to contemplate that while I (*one day*) rock my children in it.)