Around the House and City

Snapshots from the past few weeks: [instapress userid="annebirdsings" piccount="24" size="90" effect="highslide"]

^ my back yard / mike's artistic interpretation of me / late night gelato date / in my home office.

^^another blogger has the exact same painting / into crime lately / out on the town for a cousin's wedding.

^^^new alice and olivia shoes (a gift!!) / cliff ate my pie / remembering the heat of las vegas (view of the strip).

^^^^we live in the 'burbs / after a bbq chez nous / lovely face across from me at coffee.

^^^^^playing in the byward market / moulin de provence for morning date / spring sunshine & coffee / i fixed our rake.

^^^^^^i took his cone off and he was happy / kale smoothie for breakfast / naked without his collar / finally gardened.

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