A Letter to the City at Night

*photos used in this post are sourced through links* Dear City at Night,

I'm glad that you are still awake. I get lonely every now and again and I find it comforting when I hear your sounds and I see your city line.

The world is very busy these days isn't it? Do you remember your early years? While the world slept, so did you. And now it seems you've caught our virus - its hard to slow down when there's so much to do. I guess that is why we are both still awake.

You are so different from Day City. Day City is more ambitious but not nearly as impressive. When I look at it from a distance I just see one big blob of concrete and smog. At night your true colours and entities shine. It is in the darkness that I can really appreciate the extent of your greatness.

And I thank-you for listening. I know I'm not the only one who talks to the city at night. During the day, our voices blend together, they make up the hum and buzz of people living separately yet side by side. At night there is a heart beating within your boarders - and it shows that we are really still living and capable of more than just a mundane existence. At night our voices are like a choir, sung in many different harmonies.

Sometimes I worry about the future. Do you ever wonder what will happen if your light goes out? Some might argue that you are immortal, a machine that will continue to propel its engines, well beyond my generation's time. I hate to be the one to tell you that this isn't the case. You are a puppet. A creation. A brilliant glistening marionette dangling from a million strings, mastered from above. I know this might come as a shock to you but it is important to remember that if we burn out, then so do you.

So really we're similar - all our mosaic pieces make a magnificent landscape that turns and changes with time and neither of us are immortal.

I probably won't venture out this evening, but I might just order in a pizza.

Yours truly,