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A couple weekends ago I went with friends to The Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec. It's a little town, nestled in the hills around a tiny lake. When the full moon hit the sky that night, it felt like a perfect time to be 29 and breathing in country air, surrounded by the best kind of friends. I felt really free in that moment.

We were there to see Amelia Curran live. She was amazing; I can't even get over how much I loved her raspy-ish voice and crisp lyrics - she sang this one song call The Mistress that will almost make you sympathize with the other-side:

The Mistress from Amelia Curran on Myspace.

Racheal Reis opened for Amelia and this lady in red was absolutely mesmerizing. She's a classically trained - ex-mennonite who's lived in Chicago, NY City and has recently relocated to Vermont. Her story is almost as captivating as her voice - almost (also her Instagram account is pretty cool). She has a new album coming out in February called Ghost of a Gardener and I think if you like finding new music, this would be the perfect artist to support. Here's a song from 2012 and it's pure mello magic:

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