Independence Day

This is the first day of my holidays! I can't remember the last time I had more then 4 or 5 days off in a row. Before me lies eight sweet, sweet days of FREEDOM. Speaking of which, take a look at the card I pulled from my dish of daily words this morning:

(Mike's word was Faith so I asked him what he had done for God lately. He didn’t think that was so funny. You don't mess with the Angel cards.)

With the word fresh in my mind I start belting this at the top of my lungs on our way out to breakfast:



It needs to be said that Carrie Underwood does an AMAZING version of this song - it always gives me goose bumps.

"Hi, I'm holiday Emily, nice to meet me." She's a little bit sassy and a little bit lazy. And she'll be eating peaches and bon bons while catching up on a few episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras. (There will be no judgement passed while on holidays.)