You Call Yourself a Blogger?

When can I proudly say "I'm a blogger?" What has to happen before you can give yourself The Title?

Is it related to hits? (Because if it's related to hits I'm pretty sure I can't call myself a blogger - more like a "Poster of  Random Words on the Internets.") Is it related to a pay check? Or maybe it has to do with the amount of emails/comments you get?

The other day when out with friends, someone mentioned to the group that I had a blog. I always wonder what people outside of the blog-world-bubble think of a comment like that.

For instance if you're reading this it's probably because you understand and appreciate what a blog is. But please remember that there is a world outside of Wordpress and Blogger... one where people don't feel the compulsive need to write their lives out in prose (or worse, diary format!) OR take pictures of their food. (GASP. Did you know that some people DON'T take pictures of their food?!?) What a sad, sad world it must be for them! How will they EVER remember a meal they had 2 years ago? It was so delicious.)

So I figure if I can call myself a "Blogger", then it won't be too embarrassing to admit to people that "I have a blog"... because, well then it will be like, I'm supposed to be doing it.

Ok so I came up with a little check list for myself. To you know, place myself somewhere on a "spectrum."


You Can Call Yourself A Blogger If:

1. If you have blogged consistently for over 1 year.

2. You have posted more then one thing you wish you hadn't. (And consequently wake up the next day with a "blog-post-hangover.")

3. You monitor your word count.

4. You have someone you trust proof read your work... and then get defensive when they give you constructive feedback.

5. You reluctantly proof-read your work based on feedback from someone you trust.

6.  You read other successful blogs and think of the ways you could incorporate those particular elements into your own.

7. You adopt your own style and stick to it.

8. You incorporate photos and headings into the text of your blog.

9. You walk around with a pen and paper so you can always write down your post ideas.

and last but not least,

10. You start to tell people that you have a blog, OR word gets out that you have one. ;)

I figure if you have 60% of the above, you're good to go ahead and slap that title on your twitter bio. (Because if you're a "Blogger" you probably should have a twitter account.)