As new parents, Mike and I have been excited to reference a "milestone" timeline as June's been growing. It's fun to follow along and see her develop as she hits new benchmarks. She grabbed for something the other day and I almost had to declare it on social media.... I stopped myself though, you're welcome ;) 

The hilarious part is, we've been going through so many of our own changes. It would help to have our own milestone timeline to reference so we can better appreciate the "developmental leaps" we're hitting along the way. From what time I've had to reflect, I think it would read something like this:

"In week one, parents hit new emotional levels they didn't know existed - feelings of joy, pride and happiness surface in those first days and hours. It's a honeymoon phase as they stare and gaze lovingly at their sleeping newborn. You might recognize this behaviour as they repeat the birth story to you in specific detail for the third time. Just let them do it, it's part of the actualization process they need to go through at this milestone. 

In weeks two-four new parents are learning new skills and during this time, they will learn to hone in on emotions like grace and patience. Be gentle with them as they learn to navigate the world of caregiving with very little sleep. Remember, this is uncharted territory for new parents as they learn to put another human's needs completely before their own. By the end of this milestone, they'll be able to juggle letting the dog out with making a cup of coffee while cradling a baby. Dad will be able to pick up the new born without fear of breaking it and mom will have reduced her morning shower time by 89%.

After week four, new parents will feel more capable of tackling the world again. This period is followed by a time of relative calm where a routine is established and life begins to sort itself out."

Which brings me to our almost eight weeks on the milestone timeline.

At the start of week seven, Mike chipped a bone in his ankle- meaning we've been down a set of hands in the Kelly household. And of course this means, one less person to help juggle the house stuff. 

But since we're down a parent (new found respect for single mums out there!) I've had to let go of that stuff this week. It's turns out it's the week June is going through some changes of her own; the kind of changes where her world is turned upside down and she needs closeness with the only constant in her chaotic world; me. 

I know she doesn't talk but I can hear her saying to me, "Let's just sit mama. Let's not worry about anything else but you and me. Can we just cuddle today? I just want to sleep on your chest and hear your heart beat." 

I might have understood the principle of it beforehand, but this week I reached my own milestone when I just gave myself over to it. I pushed aside the to do lists, the walking of the dog, and let the grass grow. Because of course, time spent holding your baby is never wasted. 

And what a wonderful new world this is.