Less is More in 2016


Well it's been a long time old blog! I've been meaning to get back into to writing for most of the Fall but then Sleepmageddon happened in late October and here we are; January 1 and I'm just only now surfacing. I have learned there are times when sleeping trumps blogging, and those times include the months where your little peanut decides that sleep is for chumps. Anyway! Hello world! It's nice to see you again. 

I couldn't not mark to beginning of the new year, especially because I would really like to start recording down our life here again. So I'm using up precious moments in the final hours of the first day of 2016 to figure out what I want for the next year. Over the past few weeks when I've been thinking about resolutions and turning the calendar, I keep returning to the idea that "less is more" - in most facets of my life. For example;


 - clothes in my closet that I never wear (more: pieces of clothing that everytime I wear them, they make me happy)

- wasted time on the Internet (more - time to write, talk to my friends and family) 

- time inside (more: adventures and fresh air)

- harsh words and short-tempered reactions (more: counting to 10 and deep breaths) 

- junk food and sugar (More: water and leafy greens) 

- cell phones before bedtime (more: books and reading) 

- over scheduling and filling the calendar up (more: intentional relationships with friends and family) 

- takeout (more: yummy meals at home)  

- caring what people say you should do as a new mama (more: doing what feels right for us) 

That's a long list for the year, and I know they're not really resolutions, but they're good benchmarks for us right now, and I'm hoping they help me get focused for the year ahead! 

Hi to anyone out there who's reading this and who might have wondered where we were! And a new hello to any new friends who might have by chance wandered this way! I'm happy to be back and wishing you all an amazing start to 2016!!