Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

Lo Mein fighting-like-cats-and-dogs We had hoped that after 10, almost 11 months of having Cliff in the house, that Lo Mein would be used to him by now. But she hasn't really seemed to warm up to the idea. It's a constant battle ground.

I was in the process of snapping other pics, when Lo Mein sat in that perfect patch of sunlight above. It was just a matter of perfect timing so I got down on my belly and took a few picture of her. It was about 3 seconds before Cliff wanted to know what was going on, and the second picture was what happened next.

I really don't think Cliff is trying to attack Lo Mein, I think he just wants to play and doesn't really get why she's in a bad mood all the time, but this is where were at: constantly fielding all out brawls. Such a happy little home <3

(sorry if this is a repeat for some of you who follow me on Instagram, this one was just too good not to share!)