Growing Pains

I don't know if it's been the full moon (which was gigantic by the way - did you see it?) or the cold weather keeping everyone indoors but we've definitely been having some bottled up bad energy in this new puppy household. Image

The nearly 12 week old puppy we've got on our hands? He's a biter.


I can deal with the sleepless nights, or the potty mistakes (of which we've had few!) but the true test of my patience has been from the biting (and snarling and snapping and nipping).

And I know what you're thinking. It's just a puppy. But let me tell you... this is not your average puppy nip.

We've tried just about every tactic out there - whimpering so he knows it hurts, diversion, positive reinforcement, leaving the room, time outs... and STILL he bites.... and not just little puppy bites. Like today he took a good little chunk out my hand and I'm having problems moving my thumb.

It's reached a new level & I'm basically at my wits end. At this point I've googled "puppy biting" about 20 times...

The catch is it's winter and he needs exercise... but when I try to play with him he just ends up biting me.. So I'm at a loss of what to do.

Mike's convinced that it's just growing pains and we'll get through it... but today it seemed like once he knew it hurt (I was yelping! Oh the things I've tried I'm telling you).... and he just clamped down harder.

After tonight's thumb biting episode I took a 15 minute breather and after I returned into the I kitchen to see if we could make up (I never like to go to bed angry). And as soon as I sat down, the poor guy came over and flopped into my lap and instantly fell asleep.... Like a sad, sorry, frustrated and confused little puppy. He's got no clue why he's doing the things he does.

Well, as my good friend Anne of Green Gables always says:

"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it... yet."