In the woods

DSC_0467 we've struggled to make cliff a good walker on the leash. everyone who sees us (being dragged) around the neighbourhood always finds a way to mention "doggie school" or some kind of expensive walking muzzle (which we've tried and cliff pulls off immediately). we usually just smile and say... "oh yea? that's a great idea."

we've heard varying results about "dog lessons," mostly that they learn to sit and stay, and other basic commands like that. and we've heard if you've got a really smart dog on your hands (the jury's still out on c-dog) you might even master the leash. we managed via youtube to teach some of the basic skills ourselves, so in the interest of saving money for human tuition fees this fall, we opted out. so i guess you could say we're old school - no obedience training for this lab.

that being said, while cliff is still a long ways from "well behaved" in the neighbourhood, he's a different dog all together when he's off leash. maybe it's because we started him when he was young, but it's just easier to walk him in the woods. he's in his absolute glory. when we're driving towards the trail he starts whining in anticipation as soon as he sees the turn off. the best part about it is, it's such a nice way to start the day - or end the day. it's quiet and peaceful. just a little piece of heaven that feels like it's just for us.

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