Snow + puppy

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The thing about getting a puppy in the winter time is you spend most of the first few months trying to find  creative ways to tire him out... at least that's been our experience with cliff. so much puppy energy plus winter days = not fun nights.

i was under the impression that labs like cold weather since they were bred for the icy cold waters of Newfoundland?

but i gotta say, i think we got a softie - if there's any sort of a wind chill, you literally have to coax him down the side walk with peanut butter (no this has actually happened. we've officially crossed that line into crazy dog owner territory).

in his defence, there have been some days this winter, when i think it's been even too cold for a lab. Cliff is totally like "nah. I'm not going out there."

Last weekend however, we took him up to the cottage. it was the perfect winter day; sunny, bright, mild enough that you don't freeze and you can bare it longer then 10 minutes.

lo and behold we found out someone really likes the snow.