Weekly Cliff Gif

A few weeks ago a friend was explaining "Snap Chat" to me. Yes I'm almost 30 and yes, I have no idea why SnapChat should be a thing (why do you want a disappearing photo? And does everyone who uses it have to make a witty or crass joke to make all the effort worth it? Because if yes I feel like I wouldn't fit in. I don't think on my toes quickly enough - it takes me way to long to Instagram as it is.) Anyway, the way he explained it's usefulness to me: "You know, if you don't want to take and make excessive posts of Cliff, you could just send a picture in snap chat and then it would be gone." Wait. Why wouldn't I want to take excessive pictures of Cliff and post them? I don't understand…

And so, we've learned that I'm starting to be out of touch with social media. And that maybe I'm guilty of too many Cliff pictures. I thought about it and I'm OK with that.

And on a related note, I made the bed yesterday morning but then this:output_utSmRD

He literally pulled the covers back and moved the pillow so he could get comfortable.

And a Weekly Cliff Gif. This should be a thing right? I'm not crazy. Ok good ;)

Happy Weekend Everyone!