all in a day

DSC_0582 after another few days of rain the sun is coming up over suburbia! on monday, i finally went out an purchased a slew of annuals for the garden, so it would be lovely if the rain could hold off for a few days so we can get some of them in the ground.  i went a little *crazy* with the hoe again and tore up the back corner of our lot.


you can kind of see the beginnings of the corner garden pictured above ^^^

i'm thinking a nice little perennial patch, maybe a gnome or two. i've been in love with this one i found on esty FOREVER ago. maybe this is the summer i'll place the order.


yesterday we brought home this cone head from the vet's office:


he's not very happy with us.

first of all, i'm guessing it's because he had "the operation." second of all he hates this cone. though i'm not sure what dog  would actually like the cone... (which side note: the technical name is "elizabethan collar." kinda ridiculous & i don't think elizabeth would be happy to know they named a dog collar after her). the vet told us he has to wear it for 10 days? that seems a bit excessive.... i really don't know how we're going to last that long. any suggestions? have any of you gone through this before?


mike tries to reason with him ^^^



i know it's cruel but i can't help laughing just a bit. he's constantly running into things or us because, well, there's a cone around his head. but he'll get so mad at himself because he didn't take a wide enough corner, or because he can't get at his food dish quick enough, which just makes me laugh more.

poor puppy - you'll feel better soon. you'll probably drive us crazy first though.

since mike was working from home yesterday, we had a bit of an extravagant lunch:


gourmet grilled cheese.

i'm not going to sit here and pretend like we're the first people to make a gourmet sandwich. but dang it was good.


grilled pear and shallots ^^^


this sandwich makes me smile just looking at it. it also reminds me that i should get some exercise today :)

i hope you have a wonderful cone-free day!!