Anti-Cooking: Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream

DSC_1099 It is truth that I think it be a sin to throw out a brown banana.

It is also truth that I will not touch a remotely ripe banana. Tout à fait, we end up with a lot of brown bananas in our freezer .

But since it's summer, it's not like I'm whipping out banana bread during the already dwindling number of summer days that I have left before school kicks in again and things get especially busy.


I was content to just let the bunch of them fester in the freezer for another couple months until the cravings for the warmth of banana bread or banana muffins crept back in... and then I happened on this post at and it all came together.

Apparently according to Katie from HoneyStuck, this sort of thing has been around since 2009? Generally speaking I'm always a little late to the trend party so it doesn't surprise me that I missed out on it back then (when she says Gena from Choosing Raw put all the magic together). I'm just happy I happened upon it this time around.

I'll be honest, in my opinion this doesn't taste like "ice cream" - it might look like ice cream but it's actually more like a really soft, banana-y sherbert. It's quite delectable, and I think I'm going to experiment using it as a type of frozen icing on an ice cream cake.

I certainly can't take credit, but as soon as I saw it, I thought it was the perfect sort of recipe to include in the "Anti-Cooking Series." I think if you give it a try, you'll agree.

 Banana Soft Serve Ice-Cream

(flash back, 2009)

So in terms of the process, all you do is cut up some frozen bananas:


DSC_1081 DSC_1082

Put them in a blender or food processor:


Add a little almond milk and vanilla extract:


And blend until you reach that smooth "soft serve" consistency.


Voilà: Soft Serve Banana Ice Cream.


(Cliff was as usual present for the baking of this dessert. He may or may not have sneaked a lick.)

Happy Anti-Cooking Friends! I hope you are also "not" cooking and enjoying summer to the last drop!

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