Anti-Cooking: Go Go Date Bites

So, happy long weekend holiday to everyone!!!  My sister and I just got back from a bike ride (something I haven't done in FOREVER) and it was a bit shocking how much it took out of me. Like... wasn't it just yesterday that you spent all summer riding your bike 'round the 'hood? Why is it now I feel like I just got off a horse and can hardly walk up the stairs after a simple cruise around town?

I know what will make me feel better.....

GO GO Date Bites from Jaybird Blog

jb date balls


This week Alicia must have felt my need for power... and an energy boost.

I love this idea - energy balls that take absolutely NO cooking to put together!! These little nuggets basically sum my good friend Alicia up to a tee: packed with goodness and lots of energy to keep you moving.

I like the idea that you can bring these in your lunch, or have them ready when your out hiking/camping.

So go on over to JAYBIRD BLOG and check em out! And also while you're there, wish Alicia a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!

It's probably gonna take me a couple hours to recover from this bike ride, but when I do... go go date balls, you will be mine.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I'm heading back to the city in what will probably be wicked holiday weekend traffic this afternoon. Summer - please stop going by so quickly!!

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