Anti-Cooking: Psychedelic Slaw

20130826-081753.jpg I'm still a bit shell shocked that it's the last week of summer. That means we've been Anti-Cooking for 8 weeks now! Crazy!

I was totally inspired by Alicia's recipe for Spicy Raw Peanut Noodleslast week. I love it when flavours like peanuts get mingled with asian tastes and smells. It's what reminded me about one of my favourite dishes - Psychedelic Slaw.

Called so becuase of all the beautiful colours.

But I feel that in the interest of full disclosure, anti-cooking friends, I need to let you know that this dish was served along side an epic meal of pulled pork and corn on the cob (not anti-cooking, just in case you were checking.) I'm not sure if that breaks the credo of the anti-cooking series, but the dish makes a bucket of salad so I have enough to be taking for lunch this whole week- and for that reason I think that justifies its appearance here.

Cabbage is the misunderstood vegetable, non?

I'm not sure why it gets a bad rap, but I do know they named a whole neighbourhood in Toronto "Cabaggetown" because during the depression in the 1920's and 30's the entire area smelled like cabbage... this because it's the cheapest form of nutrition out there. Honestly though, if you can survive off of a regimented diet of one specific vegetable, you know it must be doing something right.

Also, I'm a firm believer that nature made colourful fruits and veggies so we'd be enticed into eating them. That's the first thing you'll notice about this salad; the colour. And as I mentioned before- the yummy fusion flavours like rice wine and sesame make it so light and very tasty - and I'm aware that not everyone is a lover or of the sesame/cilantro combo (if you're one of these unfortunate people... I feel a bit sad inside for you. True story: a friend from work told me that cilantro, genetically tastes like soap to some people. Why would god do that? What kind of unjust world is this where cilantro tastes like Heaven to me and Sunlight dish soap to others?!)

It's a lot of work to get it all cut up - that I admit. And be warned, this recipe makes as I said, KFC bucketfuls. But don't let either of those elements deter you - you won't be diasspointed.

red-cabbage anti-cooking-psychedelic-slaw colourful-coleslaw

You can find the original recipe at this link for Psychedelic Slaw


Thanks to everyone who's been following along with the anti-cooking series throughout the past couple of months! We've had a lot of fun - I feel fall creeping up on me quickly and I'm inclined to want to turn my oven on again. But I've definitely become more aware of how I think about dishes. I'm hoping it's a love for veggies and raw dishes that I take with me into the winter!

anti-cooking series

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