Around the Kitchen Table

DSC_1090 One of my goals earlier this summer was to eat more meals at the kitchen table.

In the Spring when we were restricting our budget to home meals only, we started making a huge effort to be creative with what we could do in the kitchen. But then we fell quickly into the habit of eating in front of the TV in the basement, and it was like "I can't even really see how nice this meal looks, plus I'm too absorbed in the TV to be able to discuss it with you."

It's fine every now and again (and I love watching Anthony Bourdain over a really good meal) but I started to find I was eating too fast, eating without tasting the food and falling into a rut of not making conversation - which is not a good thing either.

I was surprised by how many pictures of these meals I had taken. Now I almost wish I had diligently taken pictures of EVERY one. Except on the flip side of that spectrum, looking at these pictures makes me extremely grateful. I have a lot of photos of food. It's an abundance that should be shared at the first chance.

IMG_1263 DSC_0447 IMG_1277IMG_1439 IMG_1440DSC_1092


IMG_2283IMG_3351IMG_3120 IMG_3031IMG_0978

DSC_1086 DSC_1083

DSC_0176 IMG_1160IMG_1034


1. I like to dress up take-out

2. Charcuterie plate (aka meat and cheese)

3. Simple Salad

4. Clean-up crew

5. Nachos and Guac on the patio

6. Ice cream face

7. If you drink wine out of a juice glass... it makes it ok on a Tuesday right?

8. Pear, brie, basil and bacon grilled cheese.

9. Cauliflower Pizza

10. Braciole

11. Quinoa salad

12. Meatball Sub

13. Mole Chicken

14. Bacon wrapped dates

15. Huevos Rancheros

16. Curried Cauliflower

17. Eileen's Black Beans

18. Homemade Pizza

19. Celebration

20. Colourful nachos