Beet It (Beetroot Juice for MJ Fans)

At some point this winter we made a super, really good investment on a Blendtec blender. Correction: I had a juicer (which I loved … but never used), and Mike wanted to get a blender. After much cajoling, it happened… he’s a super negotiator. His main argument was that once we got the blendtec, we wouldn’t go back to the juicer. “There are too many parts to wash on a juicer. Plus you loose all the fibrous parts of the vegetables in the pulp sieve.”

So … Mike was right (as much as it pains me to say it…). The blendtec as it turns out is way easier (x10) to use and clean. (But I held onto my juicer until about April at which point I finally relented and allowed him to post it on Craig’s list. It was sold to a very willing buyer and I was only 45% sad to see it leave.)

So we’ve been making this drink and this drink and were looking to add another one into the rotation.

It seemed logical to go the beet route (PUN INTENDED)….. (get it… beet root? Sorry I can't help myself).

So we threw the following ingredients together and called it a “beet it.” This really should have been posted yesterday as homage to the 3 year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death (has it really been three years already!? Crazy).

As it turns out, when you blend beets, they turn a brilliant vibrant red. They almost scream "eat me I'm delicious."And if I do say so, the blueberries and almond milk make it quite tasty.

The Beet It

 1 cup of Almond Milk

Handful of Blueberries

1 inch of Ginger

2-3 beets raw and chopped 

*Blend until liquid consistency*

And I can't help but ad from my favorite show:

The Office has done a good job of subliminally sending me the message of the beneficial properties of beets, and it’s funny to think that Shrute Farm Beets was the first slightly informative (albeit comical) mention of the super food in my life. And then, a few weeks ago in a conversation with Mike’s brother about Timothy Ferris’ blog and his love for beets as an antioxidant and purifier reminded me about this article I read on Run Inspired in the winter (great running blog btw. go there. run faster).

In short, beets have some crazy good properties including acting as an antioxidant, and they are high in cholesterol-lowering fiber. Some other quick research around the internet finds that “One cup of beets provides 35 percent recommended daily value, DV, of folate, 28 percent DV for manganese, 15 percent DV for potassium and 10 percent DV for vitamin C. Beets also contain between more than 5 percent DV for iron, phosphorus and copper.”

Just Beet it. Are ya with me or are ya against me?