Introducing the Breakfast Club Series: End of Summer Raspberry Sour Cream Loaf

DSC_1088 I'm not so great at eating breakfast in the morning.

Truth be told, I'm pretty disorganized in general in the morning. This Fall I have a crazy schedule that involves 23 hours in the office, 12 hours in class and 10 hours manning a resource centre at the University. I'd also ideally like to find time for exercise and you know, a personal life. When I get busy, the first thing to go for me is eating healthy. (Well that and ironing. I never iron on a good day when I have hours to spare). It falls apart the minute I have to stay up late trying to finish something and it's a ripple effect making me late getting up in the morning and then I'm late rushing out the door and usually this means I haven't had breakfast. Translation: I eat a greasy (overpriced) egg sandwich in the cafeteria at work.

In conclusion, I love breakfast but I'm terrible at making it a priority. And if I don't have a breakfast, I'm bound to be off the rails for the rest of the day.

In an effort to force myself to get a breakfast in I'm devoting the month of September to lifting breakfast up to where it should be: energy for the day.

I also like the idea of how coffee and conversation over breakfast makes you want to chat. And so this is a mini-series about the good things in life - food and conversation.


Since this weekend is Labour Day, it's a bit of anomaly because we've actually had plenty of time to make and eat breakfast. Mike and I are visiting my parents for the long weekend and I think the family collectively has eaten about three dozen eggs and 24 pancakes throughout the various brunches we've had the luxury to lounge over.

I was also given a neat small, six pocket loaf pan, so the first recipe is about putting a bow on the end of summer by wrapping it up into one neat little loaf.

How was the last weekend of summer in your world? What are you looking forward to for September?



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