Late Summer Peach Pie

When I was a teenager I set out to perfect a Pâte brisée. It was about a boy. I wanted to make him his favorite pie (apple).

Do I shake my head at these teenage Emily attempts to woo a boy? No. I'm OK with this. I've come to terms with these moments. And really it's a win-win for Mike at this point because the plethora of pie in our house balances out any of the awkward social graces I may lack due to inadequate socialization at an early age.

The Pâte brisée can be applied to all types of delicious desserts. Mainly of the crusty buttery persuasion.

Speaking of which, were you aware that peaches are in FULL BEAUTY at the moment. Seriously, it's a miracle when the peach comes in season.

So juicy. So fresh. SO MANY FRUIT FLIES.

Because I cannot resist the BIG 3L Quart, I end up with too many peaches. Fruit flies everywhere in my kitchen.