Strawberries & Cream

Strawberry season is upon us. This week it's even starting to taste like summer. This is one of my favorite, simple no-bake, desserts to make. You don't have to heat up your kitchen, and you use a total of one bowl and a spatula.  And whipping cream (35%) is so fool proof: open carton, pour into mixer & whip ("into submission" a la Julia Childs.) I add a little Pure Vanilla Extract because I'm exotic like that.

It's the perfect mix of sweet and satisfying.

Don't stop with strawberries (no matter the season always love to throw a banana into the mix): if it's seasonal and fresh it will do. I can't wait to see what blueberry season has in store.

Oh and drizzle a little Canadian Maple Syrup on top for la pieste de la resistance.