Garden Fresh Omelette

I'm going to be upfront. This wasn't so much of an "omelette" as it was scrambled eggs with wonderful things inside.

I call it omelette because it's the only one I've ever known.. I have never been able to make the omelete one nice neat pocket. I think it's because I get too excited about the filling and I stuff it to the max.

Meh. As my mom says... "It's all going to the same place."

Also full disclosure: I've been taking about a million pictures of my tomatoes/cucumbers/beans/squash. I have about 100 close-ups of the beefsteak tomtato. I've seen our "curious" neighbours watching... I want to just tell them, "Oh... well it's for my blog." But they don't speak English and I'm fairly certain the nuances of posting pictures of my food on the internets would be lost in translation.

I leave you with another thought. What's worse? Taking hundreds of pictures of your vegetable garden or your cat?

Because I do both...... (heh...heh)

(For the record, Mike told me this was an omelette "for the ages." I'm ok with giving the credit to the fresh rosemary, roma tomatos and swiss chard... which I grew.