How the Mighty Have Fallen

Remember these bad boys?

I grew them from tiny babies.

So it's understandable I feel attached to them right?

I think it's understandable. They've kept me company all summer. They poke their heads in my kitchen window. They say hello every morning. And when I go to bed at night, I don't have to close the curtains because they have created a thick privacy wall between our back-yard windows and the rest of my nosy suburban back-yard neighbours.

Suffice to say, they are my pride and joy.


Were my pride and joy.

This weekend there was a wind storm, and how the once mighty did fall. The wind actually UPROOTED the plants and the bases had a root systems like a tree. Where they were ripped from the ground there is now a gaping hole in the garden.

It was actually painful chopping the pieces up and putting them into yard-waste bags. I felt like Dexter. (Except with a bit more compassion and less a psychotic justification.)

The tallest one measured 10ft exactly from tip to toe.

Rest in peace my yellow army.