June Garden: Eggshells and Earwigs

Over the past week, (following various tirades up and down the garden fence line), I’ve left the back yard in a fit and stomped into the house, yelling to Mike that something has been eating away at the leaves on my new seedlings (THE NERVE). Mike however, was more concerned that a) I was traipsing earwigs (and dirt) into the house on the garlic chives I was carrying and b) that the neighbours could hear my lunatic garden ranting. It’s just.... my tiny bean plants and eggplants have not been so fortunate:

I'm on the case though you guys so don't worry.

When I was little, I was baby-sat by a lovely Dutch couple who first trained me on all things garden. I would return home with Styrofoam cups full of dirt and worms that I had picked out of their garden while Trudy and Bob closely monitored the rows of corn and beans and potatoes. I stored them under my bed (the worms - not the corn, beans and potatoes) until my mother, not realizing what she was up against, discovered them there.

It wasn’t all about the worms. There were nuggets of wisdom in that garden. Unfortunately I remember more about the worms then I do the tips... though there are a few that stuck with me:

“This is what a potato bug looks like Emily.” “See? You pick them off and squish them like this.”

(side note: did you know potato bugs are an awful bright orangey-red colour, and they pop when you squeeze them. It’s gross? But oddly satisfying…)

Also this memory I tucked had away for a circumstance just like this one:

“For earwigs, you use eggshells.”

I don’t have potato bugs, but I’m thinking that I do have earwigs… aka murderers of my green beans.

I’ve been thinking a lot of those Trudy and Bob garden memories, particularly while I hoard my egg shells, which I now scatter any chance I get around the base of the plants. The shards must be sharp because you know what? I think it’s working & the earwigs have been forced to relocate to some other unfortunate back yard.

Other Week 4 Progress: