Make More Room

screw the closet doors! am I right or, amiright?

I'm talking about the ones in our front hallway, just inside the front door.


so generally speaking, closet doors are really handy at hiding all the skeletons. but in the case of our front hallway, we were forever bumping into them - there was no room to take your shoes off. no where to sit.

and if a group of people showed up there was no where for them to spill into. so as the door stands open and people try to take their shoes off (and people behind them wait to get inside) you're trying to take their coasts while holding the dog with one hand and diverting the cat with the other. yea - it's as confusing and awkward as that last sentence was.

it was a disaster as far as front hallways go. (ok it wasn't a disaster but it wasn't working.)

it was time really. i've been talking about re-doing our front hallway for the past year.

so we took the closet doors off.

and volia. we made more room:









Welcome to my front hallway!