Say Hello To My Little Garden

Who would have guessed that Scarface was so violent? I just gave myself a bit of Al Pacino education with this clip:


How horrifying. Blogpost gone horribly awry. And to think all I had originally intended was to show you my little garden.

Week 0

Week 1

It’s been two weeks since she was planted, but it's going to be a long summer if it keeps up at this rate.

And by that I mean, I'm a bit impatient when it comes to growing things. I keep pacing up and down the fence line, peeking to see if there has been any progress.

When I planted the garden two weeks ago I decided to extend the line down along the fence because it joined the sunken patio garden quite nicely.

It was three in the afternoon however when I did the majority of my planting, so I wrongly anticipated how much daylight the east side of the fence would be getting.

Week 2

Now unfortunately I’ve realized that this strip misses the bulk of the morning sun.

Example South-East, 10 Am:

Example South- West, 10 Am:

I moved the lavender to a pot so it can catch as many rays as possible throughout the day:

The sunflower seeds have sprouted like crazy in the past 7 days:

Here's hoping the other veggies follow suite:

Stay tuned for next week when I'm back with some more, "Gardens & Gore," until then,

Happy Gardening Kittens!