Singer meet Sparrow, Sparrow, Singer

New Friend

I was a *tad* overjoyed when I went home this past weekend and I received an early birthday gift from my parents!! She rides like a dream and she's all mine! I'm signed up for lessons in which I believe we get to make a tote bag and pajama pants (oh the flash backs to grade 7 home economics), but I heard the only proper way to start is to get some solid instruction. So it goes without saying that I haven't the foggiest on how to run the machine, thread the bobbin, pick out material, follow a pattern... you know the whole gamut. Hopefully they go over a few of those things in week one.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent some time revamping the guest bedroom, which until now had been used as a dumping ground for odds-and-end items, extra linens, and extensive collection of knickknacks. Lo and behold under all the junk that was piled in there I discovered the space for a sanctuary.

So now I've made up my mind that things are going to get creative again. It's funny because I remember actually saying at one point in time that I just had no desire to sew.... that anything I could make myself would never look as good nor be as economical as something you could buy. (Famous last words). Maybe it's true what they say about getting older and your development for refined tastes and hard work. Or it's also possible that my mom has been playing sewing instructional tapes while I'm sleeping. Love of Sewing By Osmosis.

Over the summer however I've felt the need to dabble in making things - which is a new feeling for me. I stick to things I know: running, reading, writing and I've always been into baking, but now I'm feeling the drive to do a bit more. Since I'm not an artist and since the great novel is about 800 hrs from being finished, I felt it was high time to take up a few hobbies. It's possible that the underlying sentiment behind "why would you want to sew" was trapped up in my own thoughts of, "sewing is something I would never be able to do; that is was just something that I didn't do. It might be a question with a seemingly straightforward answer, but it is the first time I've ever clearly articulated internal fears; why would I ever be scared of trying something new?