Suburban Bounty

Tomatoes, Sunflowers, herbs ( in particular the rosemary) abound in this Suburban garden. (My zucchini however is another story.)

I did so much watering through this summer's drought to keep things moving along. Plus a lot of crooning, chasing squirrels away with a super-soaker and saving every g-forsaken egg shell in an attempt to keep the earwigs at bay. My efforts paid off!! I sent some of the pool party attendees home with tomatoes last Sunday and my friend tells me he has been eating tomato sandwiches for three days! I'm not one to brag (boast maybe.. never brag) but the tomatoes were like 2-3 lbs (of the beefsteak variety obviously)! I'm glad to have spread a little love from the vine. I almost cried picking things to be honest. Maybe it's because summer's over or maybe because my little seedlings are all grown up! Either way these plants have brought life where there was none only 4 short months ago. (Evidence follows) Late May & Early June: