succulents are in

DSC_0587 so it's 2013 and succulents are in. well succulents and cacti. can anyone pinpoint ground zero? you know, the first person on pinterest who thought to put it together? I wager it was April 2, when I was just going about my usual, normal, boring, houseplant lifestyle and all of a sudden it's just like - you're either a person who has a cactus, or you don't. (And just to spell it out for you, you don't want to be the latter).

But I'm happy about it because unlike the more herbaceous type of living thing, the cactus or succulent is really hard to kill. and not to mention, they are SO pretty. a trend i can easily get behind.

I purchased these tiny precious little ceramic pots at the dollar store, along with some bright acrylic paint and i made myself a little cactus collection. my atrium/greenhouse is from ikea and it's a nice little home for the collection. i have a few extra pots waiting for newcomers. i've never been the type of person to just rush out and buy the entire collection at once... so you know, when the timing is right, i'll find the the necessary additions.

it turns out cacti have a lot of personality and all of a sudden, when you put them in a room, it's like you have a little circle of friends to keep you company.


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