The Pillow Post


- 3/4 of a yard of Material (your choice, use fibre instinct) - Matching Fabric - 16 X 16 pillow pad

Make a Pillow:

1. Lay the material horizontally out on a table. Cut out 3 pieces from the material: i) One 17 1/4 inch X 17 1/4 inch square ii) One 17 1/4 inch (horizontal width) X 10 1/4 (height) rectangle iii) One 17 1/4 inch (horizontal width) X 13 1/4 inch (height) rectangle

note: Two things are helpful here, a) cutting out the measurements first on tissue paper & b) cutting on a large flat surface like a dining room table. You might think it works well on a big floor space, but trust me, the table was much much smoother. Oh and one more thing, good scissors make all the difference!

2. On the odd rectangles (pieces ii & iii) fold the long edge up by 1 cm. Pin it in place and iron the heck out of it.

3. On the same two pieces, Fold the edge up another 3 cm, pin, iron.

4. Return to the biggest piece, piece (i). Place it nice/pattern side down. ON TOP of this "tummy down" piece ("i") place firstly the small piece (ii) so that it's rough edge is in line with the top of the square. Next take piece iii) and line its rough edge up with the bottom edge of the square. Pin all around the edges.

5. Sewing time!

Start in a corner, about 1 cm from the edge. Sew with a small back stitch (its the reverse symbol on my machine... think like the 'back' button on a blackberry), and continue sewing straight down the side. You will be going over the ironed flaps of both the over lapping smaller pieces as well.. this is o.k. Sew all the way until you get to one cm from the next corner. Lift the machine's foot, pivot the material and continue sewing. Do this until all four corners are sewed. Lift foot, cut threads to release from the machine.

6. Trim the extra material from all the sides, but don't go to close to the seam. My sides were definitely rough, because of how I inexpertly cut the squares.

7. Turn it inside out - there's an opening remember? That's because we didn't sew across the middle. The way it over-laps leaves room for you to turn it out, and then stuff it with a 16 x 16 inch pillow form. You can get these at any craft store, Walmart etc.

Its a pillow!! Start Small!!

I was so happy to have made something I threw it around and then I made a carpet angel!