On October 31 at about 8:30 in the AM Mike got a call from his brother. "Hey. Do you guys have that beer stien handy? You know the one I was drinking out of over the weekend? OK good I"m coming over in 5 minutes to pick it up."

end conversation.

Five minutes later it all became clear. This is what we answered the door to:

A little early for trick-or-treating. And definitely a little early for beer. The rest of the day was equally as entertaining.

This wasn't our first Halloween in a house where you would expect to get trick-or-treators.... it was however our first year living in a suburb where you are MUCH more inclined to get a mob at your front door at 5:30 pm sharp (I mean we do live across the road from a public school so it's not like it was surprising.)

We prepared ourselves by having a few extra bags of suckers - which we definitely dipped into. I feel bad for the kids who got there later (because everyone knows the suckers are the worst... like they don't even compare to the chocolate bars or chips.) I also feel bad that I myself dipped into the candy a bit early (ok and throughout the evening.) I tend to operate on a one-for-you-one-for-me type of schedule.

Lo mein must have known it was Halloween. You know how when cats get scared they like spray or something? Like smelly cat? Ok keep that in mind. At one point in the evening I found her rolling around the floor in the kitchen. It was a bit suspicious  so I picked her up. Bad move. She reeked. I dunno. I guess all the talk leading up to the day had her a little on edge? Like she was spooked out? Well.. we'll never know I guess.. because she's a cat and she can't talk. Either way I'm going on the assumption that she believes in ghosts and all things Hallowed.

Mike also managed to almost make one small child cry (By opening the door and yelling BOO!). I'm in the kitchen and all I hear is:


Mike @ the door:


and then Mike again:

"Oh.. I'm sorry.. you never know how old they are."  

hahaha. He meant well.... (No but seriously who trick-or-treats with a one year old? Do they even have teeth?)

OH and also, it was a really good day all around: Halloween Miracles abounded: My class got an extension on an article that we were supposed to submit this afternoon. It was just so well timed... I was getting no where fast, despite the best of efforts to get to the bottom of the problem (consequently if any of you know who Ottawa's biggest offender of commercial waste is, that would be an excellent help.)

So because of the extension, and because of the holiday, and the fact that I was making merry with copious amounts of sugar, I took the rest of the night off and Mike and I watched The Shining, which by the way, is STILL the scariest movie of all time. No seriously. RED RUM nightmares all the night long!